To Me, Twitter is…

What Is Twitter?

It’s a famous social network tool, similar to messengers, but in a defined way of “What are you doing right now?”. Mainly just to get in touch with people you know & in no time, new friends too.

Why I Joined?

(Shamefully) For the sake of 1 competition that required us to use Twitter to submit entry. Since I signed up, I figured, what the heck…

Am I pleased with it so far?

After adding some members randomly 2 days ago, I would say, give it a try, if you’re a social person. Speaking of getting acquainted, it took me almost half day to reply the messages and getting in touch with the new community.

How do I add (follow) people??

There’s a ‘Find People’ option in Twitter. I found several blogger friends, and added (followed) some randomly. There! My new social network created, after some followed me back.

How do I communicate??

You need to know some basic messaging methods:

1. To reply to someone’s discussion

click the arrow (red circled)beside the discussion tab of that person. (star = favourite this update)

But if I wish to send him/her:

2. Public message – start with: @username + message

Example: @ching ya Hi, wish you a great day ahead!

3. Private message – start with: d username + message

Example: d ching ya Thanks for the add.

(only I can see it)

To me, these 3 are the most crucial ones . Other functions you can refer under the topic of Fun Stuff: friends, favorites, and stats!

A Twitter application, maybe?

Sure, lots of them here.

I’ll be trying out Twhirl perhaps, as for now, still downloading Adobe AIR for this application to work.

**UPDATES: Yes, and Twhirl worked fine to me. Easy to control and manageable. Just like any messengers.**

Today I found out…

1. A friend refers me to Twitter alert that allows you to follow close on particular subjects in Twitter world. Comes in handy if you wish to know what others had been discussing about you (& your products) in public without you knowing it! Same concept as Google Alert, I suppose.

2. Twitter replacing RSS feed in future? I didn’t think it was possible until I did a little research and been directed to Twitterfeed . You’ll be surprised on what you can find when you type Twitter in the search engine.

A Lil’ Advice??

-Go slow and check out the member’s public discussions/sites before following, if you’re serious about finding those who are in the same niche as you;

-Love surprises? Interested in all subjects? Wanna get noticed by the public, fast? That’s the joy of following people randomly. However it could go a little messy sometimes. Why not take a browse at CrowdStatus to categorize your new friends.

– Don’t spam. It’s good to ‘share’ but never spam. I hate spammers, and only into sincere friendships. I like to visit the sites of my followers or those I followed, which I think it’s the best way to know a person’s activity better.

There’s Always a ‘BUT’!!
Apart from Spams, the twitter updates are flooding all over my mailbox! I really need to make some configurations before I go ‘aarrrgghhh…!’

So, You Twit? I’m at

Enlighten me with your Twitting experience, perhaps?

(if you wish to find out how your Twitter Effect is, Click here)
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