How To Deal With Content Theft!

Why I Hate Scrappers???
Imagine this, you’re busting your butt to work on something, not necessarily grand or incredible, but you’ve poured out your time and effort to do research, and make sure it’s detailed, for the sake of providing good information or knowledge to others. Finally, it’s done, you read it, satisfied, and hit ‘Published’! Days later, you learnt from somebody,

‘Hey! I’ve seen this post somewhere.. but not written by you. I’m not kidding, the content is EXACTLY the same as yours!!’

How would you react about it?
*&%^$#@^% Pardon my French, but, it’s pretty damn terrible, isn’t it?

Don’t You Know that is STEALING??
Copying somebody’s work, no matter articles or designs from scratch all the way till the end, without asking permission from the author, even named it as your own work? That’s stealing! So what if you changed 1 or 2 words in between? How about the same typo or grammar mistakes that go along with the original? No where to hide now, isn’t it? Putting off with the lame excuses, You know what’s the worst part? The scraper who is making money from all your hard work and takes all the credit for it. Selfish and irresponsible!

That happens. When a blogger friend of mine told me about her experience with content theft, I was so mad on her behalf. She wrote a perfect, informative article, obviously spent quite some times for research and writing, ended up in another weird-looking site. The most annoying thing is the person who did it, put a deaf ear to her plead of taking down her article! What a nuisance, but what to do next??

How You Should Deal With Scrappers?
So when the other day I was browsing through the forum, and I came across a thread regarding this matter, I just can’t hold it anymore. Thanks to
Authority blogger forum and some of the experts who shared their ideas and info, I’ve decided to list few of their useful solutions regarding content theft. Perhaps if you have similar experiences in future, do something about it.

1. Email the person and ask him/her to bring down the article immediately before more serious measures would be taken.

2. IF step 1 failed, try to find out his service providers, contact them and ask for their assistance in this matter. (Including hosting provider & advertising partners, such as Google Adsense, Bidvertiser etc.)

**Thanks to tallen42, he provided a link to a list of DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) contacts for hosts.

**Also, if you need further updates about content theft or any related matters, kindly visit Plagiarismtoday which was suggested by Sue C.

3. Now the victims could file a notice of infringement with Google using an online form. By doing so, hoping Google could take quick measures into handling & processing your requests. –UPDATED on 15/04/09

**Thanks to Sue C (the PI that we addressed as ‘Scoop Sue’ from now on) for providing this valuable info

Ways To Detect Scrappers??
**Another great tip, if you wish to find out irresponsible scrapers who steal your contents, Jen suggested:

Check the ‘Uncommon Uses’ under your Feedburner account to find out sites that are showing your feeds.

– Using
Copyscape to find duplicates.

– Using Google Blog search to find scraped contents. (Suggested by Rose DesRochers from BloggerTalk)

– Using Google Alert as email updates about the latest, relevant Google results depending on your topic/keyword choice. Configure according to your preference. (Suggested by Kathie M. Thomas) –UPDATED on 15/04/09

Also, thanks to mintblogger who brought up this matter in the forum, and gave us a clear scenario that led to all of the useful ideas above. Congrats to him, as in the end, after all the efforts, he managed to solve this problem with the scraper.

*** Extra Articles I find relevant regarding DMCA issues***

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Filling a DMCA Complaint to Google Gets Easyadded on 15/04/09

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