How To Create Favicon For Your Blog?

An enlarged-version

By now you should be able to see a tiny favicon I created for my blog. In case you’re wondering, it has been living there at the ‘URL/Address Box’ for almost a month now.

Nothing fancy, just a combination of 2 initials that have being living with me for as long as I can remember.

Want to know how I fix that?
1. Firstly, you need to create your favicon using a graphic-editting software such as Photoshop (Or any type that allows you to draw/edit your image). Don’t go over the top with it, as the standard size for favicon is only 16×16 px. Save your file as .jpg or .png file.

2. Next, you need to convert your image file to .ico, and generate the HTML codes to be embeded within your blog layout theme. Go to this site and get everthing ready. (No registration/membership required)

3. Copy and paste the code (circled in red) to your blogger template:

(For self-hosting site: you could use the code at no.2 at ‘Direct Download’ session)

– Go to Layout> Edit HTML. Find the location for the below coding first:

a) press Ctrl+F on your keyboard,

b) paste the codes below in your search box,
(upon locating it, paste the HTML code of your favicon right after it)

4. Save the template.
After refreshing your site, you should be able to see your new creation replacing the blogger favicon!


Having difficulties to create one? I’m more than happy to help out. You know where to find me.

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