How To Move from FeedBurner To Google Account

So, we are told, all FeedBurner users are required to move to their Google account! It’s a MUST instead of a choice, as it is mentioned in the FAQs that all transfers should be done by 28th Feb 2009, or else you may having problem:
– accessing to your account, or
– your feed address will have a ‘404 Not Found’ response etc.

We wouldn’t want that, would we? It’s better do it now then regret later. I had mine transferred 3 days ago, hassle free.

Here’s how:

1. While logging in your feedburner account, you’ll have a reminder that highlighted in yellow: “Hey!We are moving FeedBurner to Google…. ” click Move your account now. You’ll be directed to below page:

It’s preferrably to use your Google Adsense account as Google FeedBurner will allow Adsense in your future Feed; you may need to configure it under ‘Monetize‘ after re-login with your new Google FeedBurner account.

2. After making your pick, sign in with your preferred Google Account (which will be your Google FeedBurner account as well).

3. After confirming the details, start moving your feeds by ‘Move Feeds’.

4. The moving is in progress…

5. Until you see this page appeared! Mine was less than 2 minutes. Later you will receive an email notifying about the transfer.

Since it is written, you may encounter some surprising drop on the feed count or stats, don’t panic, as it’s part of the process. It’ll take 1 week or so to get back on track. Good Luck!

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