How To Deal With Slow Bandwidth??

deal with slow bandwidth

What you shall do if you’re experiencing slow-bandwidth? Here are some solutions you might like to try out:

1) Open as few webpages as possible, preferably 1 .
— multitask?? no, don’t even think about it.

2) Carry out your online chores/surfing during odd hours, say the wee hours, and in the morning when most people are at work / school.
— I do, and most people too, have a job. Shall we stay up from 1am – 5am and sleep during daytime? Try to live the life as a vampire, only you’re a ‘Net’pire instead.

3) Subscribe to another bandwidth service, say 3G? Wimax?
— 3G, tried. Unstable & costly. Wimax? For my area, not until 2010. So..move along..

4) How about Dial-up service?

5) Compain! Complain! Dial 100 and complain!
— Although mostly you’re going to hear “the indication shows that the line is perfectly normal, most probably is due to your hardware problem..” or “No, here it’s just fine” as long as the DSL light is stable, no, it’s not their problem.

6) Offline. Forget it.
Best solution. Just wait till the line gets better by itself, and only GOD knows when.

How we able to cope with the IT age if we’re not getting a good bandwidth service?? Let’s not forget, we are paying for the service.

A Nobleprice is on the waiting list for the one who could solve this problem. The whole nation will nominate him/her, you can count on that!


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