CHSF, Can You Help?

Today I’d like to highlight a post from a blogger friend of mine, Luci, in Helping Hearts Pound By Pound. I myself, have been a supporter of this charity, therefore I decided to create a post in response to Luci’s thoughtfulness while explaining the widget that’s being installed at my sidebar for several weeks now.

What is this fund all about?
Children’s Heart Surgery Fund is about helping children with heart defects by funding valuable equipments, resources and research needed in treatments; while providing a happy and relaxed atmosphere within the hospital for both the children and their families.

The Target of the fund?
10,000 British Pound Sterling. You could see the progress of this funding at the sidebar widget.

Who else is supporting this fund-raising?
There are several individuals who have been very supportive for this fund raising. I personally was inspired. Take a visit at Luci’s site, and also the motivator who brought us the attention of helping out. Visit Chris Garett’s funding site for further informations.

How Can I Help?
A donation could be made to Chris’ Fund Drive, through a donation service called Justgiving. A little bit from everyone means a big deal for the fund. However, if you’re not capable of funding, you could help by spread the words through tag-blogging, or twit about it, link or have the widget installed for awareness.

Do your part by lending a helping hand, create awareness for a good deed.


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