Followers Stop Following you in Blogger? Here's Why!

A blogger friend emailed me, asking,

“Why aren’t you following my blog anymore?? :(“

From the face after the Q, clearly he was a little upset. Why did I stop following? The truth is… I didn’t!

Feeling puzzled, I explained that I did not UN-follow anyone recently. Suddenly, I remembered just few days ago, I found:

  • a drastic drop of my followers (of course, it’s still possible that they really DID stop following me).
  • I wasn’t a follower of a particular blogger, so I re-followed; Today I went, it shows no sign of my avatar, whatsoever.

So I snooped around my emails, hoping to find any clues that could explain this extraordinary phenomenon… and there it is!– an email from Blogger Help.

What’s the story??
“Blogger updates Following feature and how it affects the blogs you follow”, that’s the title, also quoted,

“You are receiving this e-mail because you’ve used both Blogger’s Following feature and Google Friend Connect. So that sites you’ve joined via Friend Connect do not automatically show up on your Blogger profile without your explicit approval, we have changed your following status to “private” on all Blogger blogs. If you would like to have these sites shared publicly on your Blogger profile, here are some instructions for becoming a public follower again.”

So THAT’s what has been causing the havoc around bloggersville lately.

Obviously there is a link directing us to How to become Public Followers again. Unfortunately, I didn’t find enough information on how I could resolve my Private —>

Public Follow issue instantly. Time to take things into my own hands!

Solution of Re-Publicize yourself as Followers again!

After exploring through the ‘new’ features, I found a faster way:

1. Log into your Blogger Account

2. Scroll down and Locate ‘Reading List’> Manage (the blogs you follow)

Notice a bunch of blogs which you are following ‘Anonymous’-ly a.k.a privately. I know you didn’t do anything with it. It’s time to set the records right:

blogger follower name

3. Click Settings> Fewer Options

fewer options blogger

4. You’ll be directed to this page, which I’m sure you know what to do — Yes, Change to Follow Publicly

follow publicly

5. Done. You’re back in their Following list again.

2nd Alternative:

Another way is to change the settings from the blogger’s site:
1. Noticing you’re not following them publicly? Click ‘Follow/Sign in’.

2. After logging in, your avatar appears, but don’t stop here! Go to Setting > Fewer Options > Change to Follow Publicly.

3. Now you’re done!

The Lesson?
Always check your settings, especially when a new ‘feature’ is implemented by your hosting site. Although some may not concern that much to the Follow
ers list, but I myself, find it’s important for bloggers to connect, while show supports for each other.
I’m glad I got the email asking why I stop following, otherwise I wouldn’t have known. Hope the mis-understandings will stop from here.

So, did you encounter any unintentional Stop/Private Follow issue like I did? How did you handle it?

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