ReTweet ~ The Wild Thing In Twitter


Sorry for the horrific drawing, but I think it presents well on what RT’s all about in Twitter. The wild thing that gets us all crazy and all hyped about. Sadly, it’s no where as adorable as the original characters. For those of you who loves the story, shame on me for taking the advantage. Oh well, it’s a one-go thing, I kinda followed my instinct. Just be thankful I gave you something to tease about. =P

I Have To Confess…
I had to follow the trend. I’ve been bombarded with various kinds of RT-related posts lately, can’t say that I’m not enjoying what the pros’ are saying about it. Just in case you’re new and wondering what the fuss is Retweet (RT) all about: it is an action to repeat/share another person’s tweet (=updates) in Twitter. More likely, to spread the link juice.

It’s impossible to miss a ‘RETWEET’ (RT) verb when you’re on Twitter. Whether or not they are repeated, the point is, people tend to Re-Tweet! Have you noticed? A lot of discussions going on about RT etiquettes, ways to RT, whether or not to RT… some even opined it’s pointless to do so! But regardless of all that, we can’t deny the influence of RT in Twitter.

Why Use ReTweet?
With the emerged of mass-following Twitter tools such as Tweepme, we really need to re-evaluate the true meaning of ‘authority’ in Twitter rankings. I don’t need to go deeper on the WHYs, since Kevin Gibbons (Director of Search at SEOptimise) has explained clearly about the Power of RT in his post of How To Find Twitter Twits to Retweet Your Tweet. If you’re still in between whether amount of followers or RT should best served as a measurement tool for tweeters’ rankings, I would suggest you to have a look at TechCrunch’s well-written article about It’s Not How Many Followers You Have That Counts, It’s How Many Times You Get Retweeted. Period.

We’re all hoping to be on top of the game, to provide the best references to the public & be liked. However before we go further to the brilliant RT-related tools, let’s not forgetting there are several etiquettes that are to be followed as well. You don’t want to end up blocked or nagged as inconsiderate for your mass-RTs, right?

1. Retweet Etiquette by Dan Zarrella.
2. Twit-equette Rules To Remember by Trish Lawrence

There are tons of reasons why people want to RT a topic, it could be an exclusive news, a funny pic/joke, even a blog post or a on-going contest. The good thing is, even mind-blocked bloggers or writers could have a good tip or two by knowing what people are actually cared about from the real time results, providing an alternative besides Google Trends, which sometimes, flooded with weird-looking enquiries.

Wanna check out what’s HOT in ReTweet?
Not that I encourage you to RT whatever is on the top ranks of these pages, you could, of course, but it’s still preferably to look for unique contents that really matters to you and your network buddies.

Popular Links/Tweets:


– As I’ve introduced this tool in previous post of Killer Apps (pt2), not only it’s the most-used RT resources of all times, it also provides plugin for blogs to encourage post-tweets.


– this is very similar to tweetmeme, yet not as popular. It also provides a listing of the most retweeted tweets in the time range of 30 min, 2 hrs & 24 hrs. Results are not realtime as Tweetmeme, which tracks the most popular links every 5 minutes. However, it does provide another good source for your RTs.



– The collection of popular links on Twitter, again (they never fed up with these, don’t they?). Twitturls has them sourced out from twitter feed and displayed for your viewing pleasure. Fixed with a ‘Tweet This’ link each to bring you to the Twitter official page and get them ReTweeted, again. Good news for WP users as a plugin of Top Twitter Links by Twitturls is prepared for you at the side bar.



– Showing the latest RTs from the last ‘hours/day/week/fortnight’. You can either Reply the tweet, or Retweet it. The times of retweet are displayed as below. In case you’re wondering what the ‘show‘ is about, it just brings you back to the header of ‘hours/day/week/fortnight’ options, no biggie.


– Tag Clouds. Locating Trends in the midst of all the RT information in Twitter, and sorted within the clouds. Click the tag you’re interested in to be directed to Twitter Search results. Time range? From yesterday, today till now. To search for past trends? The info stored up till 3 months by Archive, just in case you’re interested.


I’m not sure how many people would look for the ‘past trends’. However, it’ll direct you to Twitter Search as well. Kinda like, finding the past within the real time conversations. Hmm.. *rolling her eyes*



– Look familiar? Yes, it’s the flaptor logo we came across in previous entry, only Better! Where you get to check on the trends and monitor your keyword based on a GRAPH! (Finally something slightly different, huh?) A simple Twist to rest your eyes from the numbers while having an overview on how the keyword processed through time.


A preferred choice of mine than radar. It’s obvious, American Idol only HOT during mid-weeks, don’t believe me? Check on it, that’s what Twist is made up for.


The Most Re-tweeted individuals:
Of course, it doesn’t mean that all the highly ranked @ with high amount of followers worth all the ‘following’; however they’re there for a reason. Whether or not you’d like to find out, here are some tools to measure their rankings according to their Tweets.


– from the Top 100 Retweeted Links to the most ReTweeted individuals. You can discover who is being retweeted by whom while getting the latest links that are being RT the most. You could have an overall check of the tweeters’ retweetability from Retweet History as well.


Again, it serves as a reference. The Recent Tweet results displayed are not real time, so advisable to check on Twitter Search instead for a more accurate results on their recent conversations. Featured members @ self-promote twitter adds available for publicity on the front page. Another smart one, huh?


– From his post The Science of Retweet, a calculation is made by Dan Zarrella to measure the ReTweetability of people’s tweets. How infectious are they, why is everybody RT-ing their tweets?


Obviously, I’m not in it… … LOL..

The best way to find out, is to have a look on their site or conversations. I would suggest you to not just follow blindly, unless you’re really interested in their topics.

That’s a whole lot of info to digest in 1 day. I’ll pause for awhile to let you get on to your tweets @ RTs. Next I’ll be sharing with you some RT tools that you could tryout to monitor your RTs while at the same time, gain some new followers/following individuals.

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