10 Blogging Attitudes You Could Learn from American Idols

“There were 10, now only 8 left in the show… Who could be, the next American Idol?…”

Ok, I”ll drop the Ryan Seacrest act. Truth is, I’m very much of a music fan, and I enjoy whatever shows that are about finding new talents, and shaping them into a better and successful artist. Every week these talented contestants are working hard to earn favors from the judges and impress the viewers. Just like you and me, they are striving for their future, their passion in singing & showmanship. It’s hard to not think about ourselves, the new/existing bloggers who are everyday worrying about:

‘song choices’ = contents, to impress our ‘viewers’ = readers, anxious about our ‘votes’ = traffics, hoping for acknowledgements from the ‘judges’ = the pro bloggers?

Well today, I’m neither here to judge the contestants’ personalities nor vocal abilities. Instead, based on their respective stage presentations, hopefully we could learn a thing or two about what type of attitudes or virtues we ought to have in getting ourselves a better position in the blogging industry. Here goes:

Danny GokeyDynamic & Energetic

He has a powerful vocal. But what makes him stands out, is his energetic & joyful presentation on the stage. This guy is never out of dynamic, whether in slow or fast tempo. So what if Simon Cowell thinks his choreography’s a little clumsy … he did get everybody up and dancing, right?

A serious blogger’s journey is never too easy for most people. We face difficulties, occasional mind-blocks & frustrations… but what matters most is to never lose our dynamic in writings. Believing in every cloud there’s a silver lining, get over the down periods and move on with hope. Be optimistic about your coming strategy, brings out the energy in your contents, get your readers up and ‘dancing’ (or commenting) ^^

Kris AllenSincerity & Consistency

What I feel from Kris is his sincerity in his performances. He might not be as highly featured by AI in the earlier stage of the competition, but his talents shine through from his consistent deliverance of each song, the guitar playing & fantastic vocal. It’s not difficult to notice, ‘This guy really can SING!’

If you believe you have what it takes to be the next problogger, eventhough you’re still remained un-noticed in your niche, never ceased to give your best in every blog post. Eventually you would get the credit you deserved for what you can deliver to your readers. Be true to who you are, and mostly, maintain the sincerity in what you’re doing. Do not be someone you’re not.

Allison IrahetaA Dark Horse

It’s hard to believe that powerful vocal comes out from a 16 year old. Age is not an issue on AI, and she does make a great impression in this competition. Age, gender, race etc is never an issue in blogging. Don’t give yourself excuses for ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I’m way too young’ or ‘I’m not educated enough..’ Be the dark horse of the game, and show people what you got. Don’t under extimate your gifts, as nobody would believe in you if you don’t start believing yourself.

Adam LambertUnexpected & Variety

You can’t predict what’s coming up next for this guy. People are excited about his showmanship, what act he’s gonna pull next. Anticipation is always the main attraction in blogging. To be relevant & contemporary. Create engaging posts while entertaining at the same time is never easy. As much people might have controversy in what you’re delivering, just like not everyone enjoys Adam’s performances, but he’s all over YouTube & appears to be one of the most discussed contestants in AI. Variety helps in blogging, but don’t go too extreme with it.

Lil RoundsBe in the Right Niche

Brilliant R&B singer. She has incredible vocal range, and been comparing to the great Mary J Blige. Obviously, she’ll do amazingly well if she has the right song choice everytime she gets on the stage. For bloggers, one of the most challenging things to do is to pick the right niche for yourself. Don’t write something that’s out of your comfort zone. Not a pro in your field? At least pick what you’re interested in for starter. Hard work & research would help much in shaping up your personality and help you towards becoming the authority blogger in your niche.

Scott McIntyreInspirational

You don’t need me to tell you how amazing Scott is with his piano. He has the likings on choosing inspirational songs that suit well with his personality. The spirit of perseverance – for someone who has sight impairment since birth, he presents well on stage, and sings from his heart. Scott inspires a lot of people that anything is possible: if you believe and go all out for it.

Megan CorkreyUnique & Personal Branding

This lady sings effortless, and present herself extremely well in showing off her uniqueness in this competition– her quirkly Megan-dance moves & distinctive voice. There are tons of bloggers who are equally good in writings & presentations, how would you able to stand out from the rest? I don’t ask you to be weird or anything, just be creative and if possible, think out of the box. Create a personal branding. Apply your interest in blogging, make your presentation stands out from the rest.

Matt GiraudSelf-Improvement

This guy has all it takes to be a successful singer. Fantastic piano player, great voice, soulful & R&B-ish, no doubt a front runner based on his talents. Matt is constantly improving his performances, and starting to get more credit which he’s well deserved in AI. What shocked everyone was he dropped to the bottom 2 after his solid performance during Motown Week. It’s just how the world works: sometimes if you have unique contents and great deliverance, it requires some times before people would notice and appreciate your hardwork; patience & constant
brain storming on how to capture the readers’ heart is essential. Also, avoid mistakes as it may be disastrous, as most people would remember clearly on wrong-doings, but few on goodness.

Anoop DesaiSelf Confidence & Personality

The guy who addressed by Simon as went from ‘zero’to ‘hero’. A smart, fun contestant with steady improvement week after week, most of all he has the personality that adored by the audiences. Not pride, but enough self-confidence that strengthen his journey in AI. As new bloggers, although we’re greatly lacking in experience, but what we could do is to have self-belief, and turn the negative comments into constructive criticism to improve our writings.

Michael SarverLikeability

He definitely can sing. Unfortunately, there can only be 1 winner in AI. By being genuine and with great likeability, he won people’s heart in the earlier stage of the competition. Being humble and selfless is what could keep oneself in whatever field you’re in. A virtue that all of us, even non-bloggers should be cultivating in our daily lives.

Isn’t it the same as blogging? All of us new bloggers are on our way to a long, challenging journey of discovering ourselves while learning how to blog at the same time. Hope to be the best (if not, closer to the top) and be successful in it. So, ready for the next Blogger Idol?

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