5 Easy Twitter Styles To Promote Your Post

As much we like to keep Twitter as socially prioritized and conversational as possible, it would be a little dishonest to say you’ve never thought of promoting your own ‘work’ via Twitter at all. Remember the Wild Thing Called ReTweet? Wouldn’t that be great to have our articles go viral and hopefully, receive numerous visits from people around the world?

.. this is no fairy tale so, NO, you may not get as much clicks instantly as those popular sites. However, chances are that some of your followers might pay your link a visit or even retweet it for the sake of liking it. If you’re lucky, some of them may even becoming your blog subscribers.

Ready for Some Shameless Self-Promos?
Similar to ‘Digg’ or ‘Stumble upon’, the main idea is to keep your post visibly and easily retweetable as possible, here are the 5 Easy Twitter Style To Promote Your Article:

1. Twitterfeed

Same concept as feedburner. Instead of email-notification, twitterfeed will send your latest published blog post to twitter. Here’s how:

a. Login to twitterfeed using your Open ID. (In case you don’t have one, kindly create it at myvidoop)

OpenID = an user identity created to gain access with sites that accept OpenID, no extra, new username/password needed. MyVidoop is the OpenID Identity Provider for Twitterfeed. Once registered, user can login to Twitterfeed via OpenID, Twitterfeed will then verify with myVidoop for its authenticity before granting access to user.

b. After successfully login, create new feed. Provide the RSS feed URL for your blog & setup the frequency for twitterfeed to detect & tweet your blog post for you.


2. PleaseRT.me

People should hear your urgency quite loud and clear with the magic word ‘Please’. Get your RT message drafted, include the already-shorten url then paste it in the box.


Login with your username & password to send out the tweet. Those who are likely to RT, may click on the shorten pleaseRT url (in this case: http://pleaseRT.me/1qp).

pleaseRT tweet

3. TwitThis

A simple TwitThis button ready for some actions:

For Blogger Users:

(A method suggested by Cranial Soup )
a. Layout > Edit HTML> Expand Widget Templates,
b. Locate these 2 codings:

<div class=’post-footer’> &
<div class=’post-footer-line post-footer-line-1′>

c. Embed below HTML codes between the above codings:

<!– TwitThis Button BEGIN –>


<!– TwitThis
Button END –>

This is how it’ll look like below your post:twithissample

For WP Users:
Download TwitThis plugin, unzip and upload to your plugin directory. Activate it to be added to each posting.

4. Tweetmeme RT button

Not only it counts the number of retweet this post have, but also provides an easy retweet button.

For Blogger Users:
a. Embed the codes below in your Template’s HTML:

<script type=”text/javascript”>
tweetmeme_url = ‘<data:post.url/>’;
<script type=”text/javascript”

For this example, I put the codings right after <data:post.body/>


For WP Users:
A plugin is available for Download and activate it through your plugin.

5. Manually ConfiguredTwit This PostLink:

Add ‘Twit This Post’ link right after your post. You could configure the content of tweets according to your likings. The basic structure of the coding is:

<a href=”http://twitter.com/home?status=title+of+your+post+http://pre-configured tiny url+@your
“>Tweet This Post</a>

For Example:


On Twitter Page View:
manually tweet

Or, you could even replace the link with a cute Twitter icon, some choices are available here .

It’s Up To You Now…
All you need is the effort to do it. So, work on that catchy title, get enough followers within your niche using these 15 killer apps. This wild thing just might surprise you. Love to hear your RT experiences. If you have other great ways, do share in your comments.

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