Facebook Opens Up To Fight Against Twitter


FacebookFacebook has finally made a come back with its revolutionary step by launching the Open Stream API , which allows third party developers to request permission and gain access to users’ data–comments, status updates, videos and photos, and publishing them in full stream inside their applications or services.

Sounds familiar? Yes, reminding us the third party desktop clients for Twitter such as Twhirl and Tweetdeck . Not only users get to monitor their tweets efficiently, but also create content directly in the streams. So now Facebook is following suit?

Twitter desktop clients

For those who are familiar with Facebook, it has been profoundly recognized for its privacy control and strict policy in data porting. Remember last year’s incident involving the dispute between Facebook and the famous blogger named Robert Scoble? He got banned from the site after attempting to export his Facebook contact list to Plaxo by using a script . But now, it seems like Facebook is going towards a new era by opening up the data stream to developers instead. And now, new questions aroused among Facebook members regarding privacy issues:

Could there be dangers of data leaking? And what if one determines to keep his data private, while another who had been tagged earlier with the same photo decides to go public with all his data? How does somebody claim his/her privacy without consent?…”

It is our hope that Facebook would apply delicate, convincing methods on the implementations, so not to upset the existing users who valued the privacy control Facebook has over Twitter.

Look on the bright side, Facebook is aiming to build user loyalty from the open stream experience, and converging them to be more engaging with Facebook than ever before. Some are anticipating on how Facebook would cope to ensure the success of this implementation. But one thing for sure, multiple usage of new applications would start to mushroom, and by having Facebook and Twitter holding hands in one application ? It will be a fairy tale no more:


Integration of Facebook acc in Seesmic Desktop 0.2.0

So, whether or not Facebook Has Twitter Envy, or the developers are under massive pressure from their big boss/share holders on securing its influential state in social networking, Facebook members should always be the core of their attention: by enhancing the existing networking service with friends and families, make it less cumbersome, along with faster loadings etc. Facebook could still go a long way, considering the fact it is catering for over 200 million users, and still growing, just as we speak.

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