How To Personalize Your Twitter Background with Free Twitter Designer

** Update: 4 Major Tips to Personalize Your Twitter Background **

Ever came across with some personalized twitter backgrounds that made you go “WOW”? Yeah, the admiration for their great creativity verged to a point that I really hope to get one myself.

Why you should have a personalized twitter background?

To catch attention
To leave an impression. Help people to remember you.
To let your personality shines through – ‘Personal Branding’!
To gain publicity (businessmen, designers, photographers, artists…)
And more…

Even if you’re not fancy any spotlights, it would still be a fun experience to try: evoke discussions among your friends or network, spice things up a little. Still not convinced? I hope Hugh Briss could somehow talk you into Making a Good Impression with a Custom Twitter Background.

It’s time for a makeover!
There are websites that provide free templates for download, like Twitter Patterns; service such as Twitbacks that allows you to customize background while include all your business/contact details you wish to display as reviewed by Darren Rowse; softwares like Adobe Photoshop or some even using PowerPoint to workout the magic. However, after my trial with Free Twitter Designer yesterday, I was impressed for its simplicity, easily customized, non-complexed Twitter background/image generator.

freetwitterdesigner logo

Firstly, you’ll be greeted by some cool-looking themes. Make a selection if you wish, or if you prefer to start from scratch, select‘blank’. No worries, you could always change your mind and add them in later.


Now, here’s the overview of your work space. The tools are arranged neatly at your side bars. The middle page enabling preview of your artwork as you progressed.


Click the image to Enlarge

Step By Step…
1. Here you need to decide: either add a photo from your computer as background via ‘Add Image‘,


or create a template of your own by adding Text/Shapes to your work space.


2. Try out several arrangements, such as:

Resizing your shape/image by dragging the sides;


Rotate it ;

Fade the image for a watermark effect ;

Tryout several Blending Modes to add depths or effects to your artwork;


Or apply emboss, inner/drop shadow effects etc with Styles.


3. Everything seems intact. How about a little general preview by toggling on/off the visibility of the Twitter example page. (Ghosted = semi-transparent)


Satisfied? Let’s save your masterpiece shall we?

4. Click ‘Generate Image’(C).

A- Reapply or change the twitter theme.
B- “Click & Destroy”. if you wish to restart everything.


5. After the image has done loading, click ‘Save Image’ to download your work.


6. Log in to your Twitter profile.

7. Go to Settings > Design > Change background Image.




8. Upload your previously saved design to your Twitter profile page. Click Browse > locate your file.

* untick tile background – for a static design as you scroll down the page
* tick tile background – follow your mouse-scrolling, and repeating tile-effect

9. Mission accomplished! Here’s the sample of my amateurish work.


Now It’s Your Turn…
Make a difference with your Twitter background. Have you being using other web tools? Which is your favourite? Share with us your thoughts, and don’t forget to show off your creation by leaving a comment below. Enjoy!

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