Facebook & Twitter: Holding Hands in Seesmic Desktop 0.2.0

New interface of Seesmic Desktop 0.2.0

It’s the moment that we’ve been waiting for: The Integration of Facebook account with Twitter, in Seesmic Desktop 0.2.0 release. I was pretty excited about it, and the setup is as easy and convenient as it seems.

First of all, What Is Seesmic Desktop?

Seesmic Desktop is one of the desktop clients for Twitter. What does desktop client do? Instead of us logging in everytime through the Twitter official site, which could be cumbersome sometimes, desktop clients make us life easier by allowing us to tweet over our PC desktop. Think of it as a twitter messenger. Efficient and easy to operate.

Let’s make Twitter + Facebook all in ONE place!
The process is similar to how you setup your Twitter account in Seesmic Desktop:

1. In the configuration bar, go to ‘Accounts‘, click the ‘+‘ to bring up the ‘Add your Facebook account‘ command box.

facebook integration with seesmic

2. You will be asked to verify your Facebook account by key in your email add & password.


3. Then, the following confirmation boxe(s) will appear for Seesmic to remember your facebook account while allowing status updates etc be done through it.



4. There! You’re good to go. Account switching between Twitter and Facebook is now applicable in Seesmic Desktop. You could even have a split screen for the both.

seesmic desktop client

So here is my most recent status-update for Facebook, via Seesmic.


For those who have yet to try Seesmic Desktop, you can download the application here. Good news is: No compulsory sign-ups for new users to download the latest version.


Other updated features from version 0.1.2 are as follow:

a) Following/Unfollowing Twitter users
b) Larger fonts
c) Ability to favourite tweets & Facebook posts
d) Configuration-shortcut button replacing the search tool (moved to upper right corner)

So, how have you enjoyed your Twitter/Facebook integration so far? Do you have further expectations? Love to hear your thoughts.

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