How To Block Blogger Followers

I have been asked a couple of times this week about how to block a blogger follower. Although it’s not common to hear somebody disliking blog followers, but some claimed that they are not comfortable to have unrecognized individual with strange or no bio details whatsoever to appear publicly on their followers’ list.

The steps are rather easy,

Here’s How:
1. Log in to your Blogger Account.

2. In the Dashboard section, click at the ‘Followers‘ option (in this case, 1 Follower).

3. Locate the follower you wish to Block. Click at his picture thumbnail to bring up the below commands: ‘Block This User‘. Click it, and confirm by ‘Block’.

blogger follower

You will notice the drop of your followers’ count immediately.

4. In case you’ve changed your mind, bring him back anytime you wish by using the ‘Unblock this user’ command.

Hope this tutorial helps.

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