8 Features You Should Know About Su.pr


Ooh..just another URL Shortener. No big deal. — That’s the reaction I had when StumbleUpon initially announced the idea of Su.pr. This assumption had a drastic turn right after I snatched an invitation code with 499 others and gave it a test-run last weekend. IT’S ABOUT TIME, SU.PR!

**To get yourself an invitation code for Su.pr, follow @Stumbleupon and wait for the code. Be quick! I’ve waited 5 Days to get mine. **

StumbleUpon & Su.pr …

I’m not a 24/7 stumbler but if I lay my eyes on some great posts, I won’t leave without a stumble. The StumbleUpon toolbar made the process so much easier and effortless: I don’t have to log in every time when I need to stumble a page, it’s all there on the browser. Have been a fan since then.

I’m not sure how involved you are in StumbleUpon, but if you’re a dedicated tweeter, it would be impossible to miss those shortened URLs. Check out 6 URL Shorteners as Stat-Trackers if you still have a vague idea about them. To be a stumbler and a frequent tweeter at the same time, Su.pr provides a fantastic platform to handle postings not only to social media sites, but also submissions to StumbleUpon as well! How cool is that.

8 Features You Should Know About Su.pr…

Buckle up ’cause here we go!
1. URL Shortening; Post Scheduling on Twitter & Facebook


You could either ‘Just Shorten‘, ‘Post‘ it directly or ‘Schedule for later‘ posting to both Twitter and Facebook. User only needs to authorize the accounts as instructed to activate this feature.

In this context, Su.pr is similar to Hootsuite, but has a slight edge over it with Facebook integration. It would be a home run if Su.pr allows multiple Twitter accounts as in Hootsuite. This suggestion had been submitted so we will see how Su.pr respond to this request.

Also, you won’t be able to edit post in ‘Schedule for later’, except delete it.

Another great news is that Su.pr has solved the 302 redirects issue due to the Su.pr framing.Now, Su.pr is all about 301 redirects so.. Shorten Away!

2. Article Submission & Review Made Easy for Su.pr links


If the webpage is yet to be discovered by StumbleUpon, a ‘Thumb-Up Now’ image would appear next to your post. Stumble it or add a review with just one click away.

I’m impressed with such convenience. Upon hitting ‘Thumb Up Now’, a pop up browser will appear for you to fill up the page details with reviews (optional). A nice boost to page-stumbling while encouraging reviews from the stumblers. Plan to tweet your review? Sure, it’s well taken care of:


3. Click Stats

It records and displays the statistic of how many people have clicked the Su.pr link. Also, including :

a) Results showing in graph- optional for a time range of today, 7 days and 30 days. Stats are downloadable in CSV file.



b) Number of retweets and tweeter details


c) Top Traffic Sources for the link & StumbleUpon users who liked the page.


4. Promote Your Website


By clicking the ‘Promote Your Website’ button (or via ‘Setting‘) you could add at most up till 3 sites so your visitors could catch a glimpse on the promoted site(s) and its most popular content and number of views.
Think about the page impressions if you have thousands of followers. Even if you’re not owning any site/blogs, perhaps a support for some of your favourite sites with great stories to share. And the StumbleUpon frame works fantastically to suit your viewing pleasure with Stumble, Like/Share etc:

stumbleupon framebar

However, do make sure the promotion sidebar is not interfering your post viewing, especially for those who have the same right-aligned content layout as mine.

Another reason I love about this feature is the easy navigation to check on previous stumbles and reviews for my blog post. At least now I know who are the angels behind the support.

An in-depth graph depicting the total traffic of the page received over time is revealed once this feature is activated.


5. Suggested Posting Time

This helps to monitor your traffic while determines the best posting time for maximum traffic exposures.

suggested posting

IMHO, this may be an analytical source for your readers or followers. Which types of posts are suitable at certain time range? What are the readers’ behaviors towards it? When will your most likely visitor/stumbler be online? By combining the traffic source data, perhaps you could work out a focal timing for your social networking. A reader-type data base may be discovered from the statistic.

6. Self-customized URL shortener with Own Domain

Great news for webmasters! Now user can customize his/her own domain within the shortened URL. Since it’s StumbleUpon we’re talking about, chances are that the links will be discovered by other stumblers. It’s something that none of other URL-shorteners could provide.

I haven’t got the chance to test it out yet. Will update once it’s done. To get your own domain-customized shortened URL, some setups are required. Kindly refer to StumbleUpon official page for details.

7. Launching of API key

Developers or users are now flexible to work on integration of Su.pr with third party apps via API key.

This improved feature will attract more fans and extend Su.pr‘s performances. My little suggestion for Su.pr would be to incorporate its service with Twitter Desktop Clients. Surely it’ll boost up the usage tremendously.

8. Bookmarklet

Su.pr wouldn’t be complete without this feature. It’s now well fixed on my browser and ready to greet me with a drop down box anytime for a quick posting/shorten feature.


Best known as the prestigious site for promoting interesting web pages, StumbleUpon has indeed up its game this time. Seems to me it’s far more impressive comparing to Diggbar. With whole bunch of features mentioned above, it’s like getting the best of both worlds for stumblers/tweeters!

The only concern would be the issues revolving quality and self-submission from publishers, will StumbleUpon come out with a decent control system? Where’s the line to be drawn while submitting numerous URLs all of a sudden? Will such convenience leads to spamming?

While leaving the headaches to StumbleUpon, I’ll keep my optimistic view towards Su.pr for the time being. How do you find Su.pr? Do you think it will help your site to gain extra traffic from StumbleUpon? Kindly share your thoughts.

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