Family & Blogging — Who Comes First?

I kid you not when I say I spend less time with my immediate family than my laptop. Ever since I dipped my toes in the blogging water, it’s about working 24/7. Although the process has been satisfying, but undeniably the quality time spent with family had been profoundly reduced. This, is basically how my time is divided:

Time Spent in Daily Manner
(the bottom 3 online tasks inter-changing but never the upper 2)

Pathetic huh? You don’t have to be a pro to realize– “This Is Seriously Out of Balance!” Last weekend, I had a strong urge to put down my online work completely, and really try to reconnect with my family.

The Day I Completely Sealed Away from Online Routines
It was Father’s Day. My husband and I took a drive back to my parent’s. My mom greeted the door, welcomed us in. I gave my dad a big hug and wished him Happy Father’s Day. Then mom told me secretly – dad was baking (pic.1) just now! I thought that was cute ’cause very rare I would see my dad in the kitchen. So that’s how special occasions do to people huh. *chuckle*

We gave dad his presents — a very nice shirt (pic.2) and a piece of article (pic.3) I wrote for my dad. It was published on the newspaper a week ago. I got it trimmed, laminated, well-wrapped, as a surprise. While my dad read through the article, I saw a tear rolling down his cheek! He had never shred a tear in front of us as long as I can remember, then he told me, “this is one of the best gifts you’ve given me. You told the story well and I’m touched.” It was an emotional moment. We had a long chat with my dad. He told us the stories back in his teaching days and his specialty in woodcrafts, then he showed us the crafts he made from Belian Wood (pic.4). Pure art! Funny I used to play with them when little, but never knew!

Father's Day Agenda

Father’s Day Agenda

Back to our place, I tidied up the house and waited for the gamers to arrive – my husband’s siblings. All 5 of us setup the network and all up for Need For Speed 2, Off Road Arena, even the classic game we loved so much – Serious Sam. So lots of yelling, laughing, screaming in the house. Felt rejuvenated!

Later, we all took a ride to my husband’s dad’s, and brought him a cake (pic.5). We chatted awhile, ate the cake, and hung out till 8pm then my husband and I left for supper before headed home.

What Prompt Me To Write This Post?
Not to be contradictory to the usual posting for Social @ Blogging Tracker, but to maintain a healthy relationship with our family (and friends) is vital. Family support has been the backbone to my blogging career, and I’m sure for most of you too. Do have ourselves constantly reminded — being occupied and busy, is never an excuse to ignore our family. While working hard on those postings, let us not take the loved ones for granted, instead make an effort to bond.

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Please Share With Us…
How do you handle your busy schedules between family and blogging?

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