7 Things I Like About Seesmic's Browser Client

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Seesmic has just made me a very happy lady!

You’re probably guessing I’m talking about Seesmic Desktop 0.4. I admit the new version is just as impressive, but what I didn’t expect is the launching of Seesmic Browser-based Client! I can’t be thankful enough to Loic Le Meur for announcing the great news 4 days back.

Why I NEED Seesmic’s Browser Client

I’ve always been a fan of Seesmic ever since the beginning of Twhirl. So, having an upgraded version of Seesmic Desktop 0.3-0.4 installed was no surprise. But as the software requirement increases, along with my bad habit of multitasking with Photoshop CS3 and multi-browsers, it’s not long after I complaint about the lagging problem my laptop had due to low memory. Contributing to this problem is the instability of internet service especially at night, resulting me either tweet (through Twitter main site) or no tweet at all. The cumbersome login/refresh puts me off sometimes, therefore I’ve always hoped for a more intelligent web-based Twitter client, and on 11th July, I literally did the dance of joy! (no, you don’t want to see that)

What is so Freaking AWESOME about Seesmic’s Browser Client?

Let alone the excitement, I will try to be professional here (cough cough) by sharing the 7 Things I Like About Seesmic’s Browser Client :

#1 Single to Multicolumn Layout with Easy Dragging

single multicolumn copy

Seesmic’s Browser Client allows switching between single and multicolumn mode, just like most desktop clients could do. Scroll the bar horizontally across as you enjoy a one-page , long view of all the updates via ‘Timeline’, ‘Mentions’, ‘Sent’, ‘Search terms’ up to as many columns as you prefer. You can even rearrange the columns by drag and drop, how convenient is that!

#2 One Easy-Button Refresh for Real-Time Updates

Seesmic’s Browser Client equips with an instant refresh button for current page viewing without needing to load the entire browser as in Twitter official page. Just give it a click to have real time results shown by yellowish color-indicator that lasts about 5 seconds before it fades off completely.

#3 Space-saving List View Layout


The incoming tweets are displayed in such a way that user can interchange them between list (as shown above) and normal viewing. This is particular handy when I tend to follow up on the updates I missed minutes ago or upon login. There’s a ‘More’ button below in case you wish to go further back to the previous tweets.

#4 Easy Reply & Profile Check within The Conversation Box


By clicking at the single tweet (list or normal view), you will have a drop down menu indicating the below commands:


Curious about certain tweet? Why not give a thorough check on the user profile by hover your mouse over the person’s username and get a clear check on :


Profile: opens up a bio page including amount of followers/following, location, web address and recent updates. There’s an ‘unfollow’ button at the upper right corner just in case you need it.

Message: opens up a new conversation box at the far right of your columns.

#5 Separate Viewing & Easy Follow Ups for Direct Messages


When you click ‘Direct Messages’ at the left taskbar of the web-based client, a separate layout is opened, presenting you a list of DMs and your previous responses to them. This feature makes the DMs traceable so you won’t have to go back and forth, or get lost amidst a private conversation.

But how do you know there is a Direct Message awaits since it’s in a separate layout? There is, in fact, simple indications for unread DMs as shown below:


#6 Saved Key Word Search & Add to Favorites

One of the best features I enjoyed — to be able to save the key search terms and favorite tweets. As Seesmic Browser’s Client is basically connected with Twitter main site for info-sharing purposes, regardless where you have saved the tweets they will be found on both sites. For example, a keyword search saved in Seesmic Browser-based Client will show up on your Twitter site, and vice versa. Same as marking favorite tweets in Seesmic’s Browser Client – simply click on the star indicated to save the particular tweet.

add favourite

#7 Add Link to your Tweet Using Bit.ly


In case you’re curious about the url shortener, the default service is Bit.ly. No API input is available so although you may not have your tweet stats recorded in your Bit.ly account, you can still follow up on the stats simply search the shortened bit.ly URL at its official page. To me, it’s one of the best traceable url shortener services I prefer apart from su.pr.

The only request I have is the group-saving feature. But I must say this is by far, the best web browser-based Twitter client I’ve seen so far. Especially the save-keyword search ability that connects with the official Twitter page and the traceable DM responses. Bottom line, I’m impressed with my web-based experience with Seesmic. It gives an alternative while promising its users some fantastic features that work similar to any desktop clients. So what’s next for Seesmic? Obviously to go mobile with iPhone, but that’s another story.

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