WCHINGYA.COM Is Now A Do Follow Blog (Free Images)!

birthday cake

First off, I’m officially 1-year older last week, thank you.

I was extremely occupied recently due to some description-writing tasks. The 24/7 working condition was hectic, but the experience gained was priceless. Thank God the work finished the night before my birthday! Yay!!

It’s almost a month since the WordPress migration from Blogger. Today I officially announce WCHINGYA.COM is now a Do-Follow blog! Thanks to my dear friend, Christie’s wonderful post, I decided to join in the force of link love! This means, whenever you leave a comment with your blog link, you will entitle link juice from my blog. Why not? Spreading a little link love for visitors while encouraging useful comments. It’s the best of both worlds! However, you may need to watch out for spammers as well. I too, will be a little bit more skeptic than before. I will go through the comments  personally before approval. Self-promo or unrelated links are not allowed; suspected link droppers will either have their comments edited or removed.

If you too, had just became a Do-Follow blog, it’s necessary to let your visitors know about it. How? Do-Follow Images! In conjunction with my birthday, I’ve put up the effort to create these self-made do-follow images, F.O.C just for you guys! You can also contact me for customization on the colors and sizes to fit on your site properly. For that, I will charge you NOTHING so don’t worry!

If you don’t need them, can you do me a favor to spread the words? That will be a perfect birthday gift for me too. *chuckle*

These Do-Follow images are F.O.C and should not be put on other sites as merchandize or self-claimed design work. The ownership is solely belongs to the author of Social @ Blogging Tracker. Kindly download the images on this site only.

If you can’t find anything you like here, try Sire’s self-made animated image or extremejohn’s.

Is your blog a do-follow blog? Do share your opinions on this topic.


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