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I’m supposed to have a new post up this week, but something came up and I had to attend to an urgent family matter so will only be back by next week. Remember How To Pick Up From Your Blogging Downturns? It’s one of those moments when real life matter kicks in unexpectedly. Quite a tough time for us but I can assure you everything will be fine after this.


To my dearest blogger friends & regular commentators,


you guys have been a tremendous support to my site, so this week it’s all about YOU! I’ll be sharing my favorite posts on your blogs and hopefully some readers can pick up from your great advises and bookmark your sites as well. For those who are not enlisted this time, no worries as you’ll have your turns definitely. This isn’t a favoritism contest. I can make a ‘100 posts to read’ type of posting but we all know it won’t get everyone the exposures they deserved. Quality traffic comes from quality posts, with quality promotion. Agree? ^^

I’m blessed to have you all’s regular visits. I’m thrilled to see many new visitors and I can’t wait to know you all as well. Keep up the quality bog comments. Please be assured I’ll be visiting your blogs shortly. And Now…


11 Great Posts From Readers’ Blogs that I Love:


1. How To Increase Your Blog Traffic

Benjamin’s site is about Money Making, but I find this post very well thought out, easily understand and well informed. Various relevant links given so saves time and energy.

2. How To Eliminate Objections Using Headlines

Paul reminds me much of copyblogger. He’s very talented and I enjoyed this post about how to sneakily twist a headline to make it compelling and persuasive.

3. 10 Definitions on Being A Successful Blogger

Miguel has diligently gathered 10 perspectives on being a successful blogger. Can you see how similar/unsimilar one’s opinion to another? Mostly affected by respective blogging goals. Truly mind-provoking!

4. 5 Bribes to Build Your Subscriber List

Thanks to Doug, now we all have some ideas how to bribe our subscribers (*evil grin*). I would love to hear your opinions on these steps, especially if you had applied them personally. If not, how would you like me to ‘bribe’ you?

5. Google Wave Sandbox – I Have A Login!

Christie has made an initiative to approach Google and gained a login! That’s superb. You can have a browse on how cool it is to use a Google Wave Sandbox!

6. 6 Common Computer Data Backup Mistakes

A good reminder for me about Backups! One will not know how important a backup file is until it’s lost. Not convinced? A timely post for you.

7. Yes, Kids Do Say The Darndest Things

What’s not to like? Jannie’s precious daughter, Kelly just so adorable. A living proof with this post. Hope you’ll have a good laugh with this!

8. Use Google Trends, Yahoo Search, News Websites for..

Very nice tip from Asswass. I had once used the same tactic with one of my posts and it went viral in Twitter due to that. However, don’t forget ‘personal touch’ and writing styles — nicely advised by the author himself.

9. What Bloggers Do

Sorry, I just had to be ‘selfish’a bit and pick this post from Sire. I always enjoy discovering extra talents from a blogger friend, and Sire is incredibly genius in putting this post together while giving link-loves to others. Creative!

10. Make Money Online with Your Empty 125×125 slot

Obviously, I had a good read with this one, thinking about my own empty slots. Appreciate the info, Michael.

11. Accessibility Changes Lives

Ricky is a strong willed and incredible individual. I totally love her idea of making this post a series as her experience will educate many on how technology can help to make one’s life productive.


Lastly, An Encouragement For All ~





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Life may not be a bed of roses, but there’s a reason for every happening. Try to be strong and have faith, nothing is impossible to handle if you have a right mind and perspective to conquer it.


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