StumbleUpon Had A Makeover!


It has been 5 days since Stumbleupon had a makeover, or, plan to.

Stumbleupon has long been my favorite social bookmarking site & blog traffic source. Ever since the emerge of & firefox plugin, I hardly log in to its main site except to check on messages and friends’ submissions occasionally.

Enough said. You must be wondering what’s new?

The 3S – Simpler, Searchable & Sociable!


add a site

New skyblue-ish interface is now towards simplicity. Upon logged in, you’ll notice main options ‘Discover, Favorites, Stumblers’ are arranged systematically on top. No more distracting tags splattering over the page (listed in dropdown menu of ‘Topic’). When selected, sub-tabs of each main option will display horizontally as shown. Neat and easy to navigate. The grid & list options stay.

Page submission and tagging much easier done through SU toolbar plugin. Take notice, as the current Stumbler URL is listed as instead of Maybe the SU team will auto-update it for us in November. Will look into this.


SU search the favorites

It is said that new Stumbleupon is much search-friendly now. You can have the keywords search not just within your own favorites, but friends’ or everyone’s as well. Amount of page views shown for each stumbled page; suggested search terms will be given if no match was found. With Best Match & Recently Rated options, you can have all the scoops related to your niche in no time.

I’ve tested but found out present interface has more accurate search results comparing to new. Perhaps may upgrade after the full implementation? We’ll see.



Apart from email import, new Stumbleupon is facilitated with Search for stumbler option. Friend request is no longer available. Site-sharing will base on Accept shares to my toolbar setup or mutual subscribers. So be your friend’s SU subscribers if you plan to receive their recommended sites.

Similarity meter is gone for good, replaced by We both like.

It’s Up To You Now…

Go ahead and taste the switch. You can switch old interface back anytime before November. Dislike it? Feedback to SU team to have them review the changes.

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