Seesmic Desktop Is Ahead of the Game with Twitter Lists Integration

I have to retract my own scheduled post at the last minute for this exciting news!

There has been a wild guess going on between Tweetdeck and Seesmic Desktop on who will launch the FIRST Twitter Lists integration? I was ecstatic to learn about Seesmic determination to be ahead of the game with Twitter Lists ! The Seesmic founder, Loic Le Meur also happily announced through Twitter that Seesmic Web will have the same added feature if not by this week, then early next.

So now…

What will Twitter Lists look like in your desktop client?

The Userlists option will be placed at the sidebar of Seesmic Desktop, between Pages & saved Searches. Soon, it will update with your current configured Twitter Lists and those you subscribed to. Here’s an overview:

Twitter list integration 1

Clearly, you can identify the differences between yours and others’ lists by :

  • Username Displayed
  • Color Differences: blue indicates your created list while grey shows the subscribed lists.

Once you click on them, Voila ! You have them displayed in columns for viewing pleasure. To add a Twitter user to existing lists is do-able on Seesmic Desktop. Here’s how:

add user to list

1. Right click on the Twitter user to display the command box. Select ‘Add To Userlist‘.

2. In the dropdown menu, assign the List for your friend and click OK. You’re done !

Neither list-creation nor user-removal is doable on Seesmic Desktop for the time being, but I’m not complaining.

Want to be among the early birds to test out this new feature in Seesmic Desktop? Sign up here and wait for the new release to be sent to you.

If you’re wondering what’s the fuss with Twitter Lists:

Twitter lists

It’s a new way to organize your Twitter account by creating custom groups. You can assign any names you prefer and categorized your Twitter friends accordingly. For me I think it’s necessary to have one fixed site to maintain all our groups, regardless what client we’re using.

Now why is this encouraged?

  • To acknowledge your friends within your network
  • To discover and reconnect with long lost users in your list
  • For the benefits of marketing, projects & business ventures: potential customers/workforce in groups
  • Clear the clutter and manage your follow ups
  • More more more … that’s for you to find out.

Read further about Twitter Lists at Twitter Lists 101 & Let Me Add You To My Twitter List. Enjoy the insights!

Have you started with Twitter Lists yet? Do you think the integration is necessary? Voice it up in the comments and don’t forget to share this fantastic news with others! ^^


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