8 Lessons Derived from Vacation to Boost Your Blogging Experience

I’m currently on day-21 of my family vacation in Penang Island. It’s the longest leave I’ve ever taken in a year. Despite of a blue screen laptop that failed on me few weeks back, I’m thankful at least I can use my nephew’s PC to declare:  I’m very much alive and never been kidnapped by aliens, thank you.

Social networking is pretty much on-going here alright. Sometimes it’s even more challenging when you’re around with family members who you only meet once every 2-3 years. Nevertheless, this trip is of a great value. I won’t have a better place to share it if not here with you guys whom I missed dearly.

8 Lessons to Boost Up Blogging Experience

1. Don’t Give Yourself Reasons to Feel Old & Sloppy

Keep Young At Heart – I like to remind myself that whenever I feel I’m too old for something new. Stop blaming ‘age’ for the things you cannot do or we won’t have much fun growing older. Put that aside and think about how much you’ll celebrate if you manage to overcome age barriers – confidence, knowledge, connections and energy. The more we tried, the more we realized where our ability stands.

Negative mindset is all you need to stop miracles from happening. Let your writing be filled with excitement! Use words and pictures to capture readers’ interests! Remember, aging will only make you wiser, never a loser in blogging.

Root of Inspiration:

Kids! I’m surrounded by my nephews and niece (aged 3, 5, 6 & 8 ) who are constantly energetic and curious about EVERYTHING! Learning is the best way to stay young and ahead of the curve.

young and energeticnot being old and sloppy

2. Life is About Taking Chances, So Is Blogging

Life can open doors when one is willing to take chances. I quit my job to pursue my dream when people are looking for one; I submitted my work to bigger names when low self-esteem had crept all over me; I tried my hands on social media when people are less likely to believe their potentials. All doubts replaced by new theories one by one. I learned if I don’t take chances and overcome my fear, I’ll never discover my full potentials. I would probably still working in a cubicle, sighing and waiting for the day to end!

Root of Inspiration:

In Amazing Race, competition can make people overcome their fear in an instant, because they have a higher goal to reach. We worried because we presumed the worst we can reap from an action. Of course I don’t mean putting yourself in danger but with thorough understanding of your own ability, you’ll know when it’s the time to go full force for one thing. The picture is just an indication. While you admiring my courage, the snake-tamer actually stood beside me after handing me the tail. 8)

dare to take chances

3. I Deserve to Spoil Myself Once in a While

When I work, I work hard; when I play, I play hard. That’s the rule. All work and no play I’ll soon bored you and me to death. I’ll have nothing useful to share. Words will be meaningless for life is boring! That’s the last thing you need in blogging! Give yourself a treat for doing a good job. Vacation is the time of the year I let myself go with a reasonable manner. Before this I usually have a financial plan to make sure I won’t go overboard and drown myself in debts. If I want to play or spend, I’ll make sure I can afford it. Having fun should be rewarding, not to trouble us afterward.

Root of Inspiration:

I eat and I shop. I bought new clothes to replace old ones at home, which I’ve sold online or donated. Year End Sales with discounts up to 50 – 70% always a charmer. Be a smart consumer. Don’t get ripped off while you’re at it. Bottom line, have fun and enjoy life the way you want it.

yummy penang laksamore cheese cakeLatte & FrappuccinoPenang Cengdol

4. Capture and Utilize Inspirations Wisely

An artist will appreciate inspiration more than normal people. They will value and inject it to their work before it vanishes. I’m no where near an artist but I figure if I’m able to capture it in words or pictures, I’ll know how to present myself in the next post. Inspirations are important for bloggers to be expressive. We need a lot of input to make things happen. During vacation, everything is fresh with new surroundings; people are handling matters differently which may enlighten us how we run our lives. I tend to bring this back with me in blogging and everything I do at home.

Root of Inspirations:

I was greatly inspired by my brother who is an amateurish photographer. He has a keen eye for the surrounding. Look what he painted on his wall, the photo frames will be fully up on the coconut tree in less than 6 months, I’m sure.

capture inspirations and utilize it

Opportunity might occur once in a lifetime, grab it while you still can. The hibiscus in the garden only blossom for a day before they died the next. If I didn’t capture that moment, nobody would have known they existed.

capture inspirations today

5. Appreciate & Treat Your Work as a Legacy

Today will be remembered for many years to come by your descendants, if you left them a legacy. People may shrug or yawn when they enter a museum or art gallery, but we are made from those history. Without the past, we won’t enjoy the luxurious lifestyle; without the inventions, we have no ways to communicate or work from home. Culture made us who we are today and we are still living it, renewing its definition every time with improvements and discoveries. I’m living to create my page of history today. I’m looking forward to telling my grandchildren how their grandma live through the adventure daily.

Root of Inspirations:

I came across this old light house that I never knew existed at Fort Cornwallis. It was built in 1882 and 21 meters in height (renovated a couple of times in early 1900). The view up there was wonderful! I climbed to the top, admiring the view. Imagining what it would be like to have its light beaming at night, guarding the ships to reach the shore. And the wall carving from Kek Lok Si, looks magnificent isn’t it?

light house

appreciate art

6. Embrace Your Childhood for Innocence & Excitements

Think about the good qualities a kid possesses: innocence, pure intention, cheerful! I love how they come around and try to solve a puzzle by themselves. We were once a kid and loving it! We knew how to have fun. We appreciated things easily and forgot why we just cried. We enjoyed simplicity and contentment. I like to keep a bit of childlike in me — not to be naive but fast to ditch the sadness and anger; ready to go out and start a journey all over again.

Root of Inspirations:

For a net-goer like myself, living with kids is hard to adapt at first. Tasted all the bitter sweet of having kids around but it’s always wonderful to put us in somebody’s childhood.

See how happy I was at the Toy Museum? I was totally a big child there!

get in touch with innocenceretrace the childhood

7. Be An Initiator in Your Social Network

We are in need to communicate daily. Whenever I’m on a social media site, I look forward to the engaging conversations. That’s how I like to treat blog commenting as well. I may not be the best writer or grammatically impressive, but I will try to express my thoughts in words that people can understand. To reach out first has earned me friendships and learning opportunities. Never be afraid to make mistakes for it’s a chance to be better.

Root of Inspirations:

When I was riding the Singapore Flyer, my husband and I were greeted by this friendly couple from England, Mr and Mrs Potter. Mr Potter was kind enough to offer us a hand in photo taking. Later we had a nice 10 minutes conversation before we landed. It was a pleasant experience! On my way back to Penang Island, I sat beside a couple from South Carolina, US. We talked briefly and wish each other happy holidays before getting off the plane. It’s fantastic when we get to practice what we preach online about social networking.

Social network in real life

Singapore Flyer

Last and most importantly,

8. Treat Bad Experience a Learning Point

Perfection is ideal, but how many of us can reach there? We made bad decisions and failed, but who doesn’t? Ask any people who succeed, almost 90% will tell you it’s more than just luck. Failure is discouraging but one can still claim the victory if he’s not been struck down by it. My work had been rejected before. Disappointment is inevitable but you need to get out from the mourning asap. Don’t forget another door opens when one closes. You just earned a second chance to try and be better! How good is that!

Root of Inspirations:

I hurt my back a week ago, painful and hard to sit straight. My laptop left me a blue note and currently on strike for overworked.  Fine! I’m not gonna grumble.  I’ll ease my pain and rest more instead. Spend more time bonding with the kids. Took this pic while Javon was attempting to bake a Strawberry cake. Yum!

Learning Point

Hope this post can turn on your holiday mode! It’s a time to rejoice and be glad. Get ready to wrap up 2009 before starting fresh in 2010!

Now Is Your Turn…

Did you learn something from your vacation as well? Have it told in a post or share with us in your comment below. If you didn’t go anywhere this year, do update us with your work so far. What does your year-end-review tell you?

In the mean time, how about a little love-sharing on social bookmarking sites? 🙂


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