7 Features to Brand, Market, Manage with MarketMe Tweet

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Remember Tweetbrand that wowed us with the tweet-branding feature awhile ago? Since then, I have been captivated by the branding concept that made me all the more interested in the release of their main product named MarketMe Tweet.

Just a few days ago my wish fulfilled by an email announcing the big launch of MarketMe Tweet along with a download link. I knew the best way to satisfy my curiosity is to give it a complete run through. So I did. What you’re about to read next is the review of MarketMe Tweet based on personal experience and has nothing to do with any sponsorship by MarketMe Tweet whatsoever. Feel free to comment on the features as we go through them.

What Is MarketMe Tweet?

MarketMe Tweet is a marketing tool that equips with Twitter management ability. Easily put, the combination of Tweetbrand, basic Twitter client and a marketing control panel presents you the below interface (Adobe Air application):

Who might be interested in MarketMe Tweet:

  • Marketers / Promoters / Surveyors for a service or product
  • Individuals who are tracking progress and potential audiences based on particular keywords
  • Individuals who are looking for Twitter network expansion
  • Individuals who are focusing on branding development over multiple accounts

I am no marketer but a couple of its characteristics impressed me. How about a little tour exploring the key features MarketMe Tweet possesses:

7 Features to Brand, Market, Manage with MarketMe Tweet

As of today, MarketMe Tweet is consisting of below key features:

1. Support Multiple Twitter Accounts

MarketMe Tweet allows multiple Twitter accounts be added. Log in the application with your registered details with MarketMe Tweet, authorize your Twitter account(s) integration via OAuth security encryption which is said to be a compulsory for all Twitter applications prior to June 2010. MarketMe Tweet is developed in compatible with the mentioned requirement so it’s a big plus. If you’re interested to know more about this issue, kindly head over to their post about the OAuth security feature.

2. Branding Management

Assign branding to your Twitter account(s) before tweeting. For those who have created the branding applications during Tweetbrand tryout, you only need to copy and paste the Consumer & Secret Key in the fields before clicking ‘Add’. Otherwise, kindly refer to step 3 of branding application setup for details.

To Setup Your Brand: Go to Step 2 ‘Create Your App’ > Sign in to Twitter account > Go to Brand app > Retrieve the consumer and secret key > Step 3 to fill in fields.

MarketMe Tweet has recently reached an agreement with Twitter regarding the branding issue, make sure your brand name does not violate Twitter’s terms & conditions. Here’s what MarketMe Tweet has to say about this:


Differ from Tweetbrand, now MarketMe Tweet users can shorten their URL links easily within tweet box (default URL-shortener ~ bit.ly) :

3. Reply Campaigns (Keyword tracking)

I’m sure you are familiar with Tweetbeep or Feed subscription for a particular Twitter search term that alerts you whenever it is mentioned on Twitter. With MarketMe Tweet, not only you can track multiple keywords at the same time (and filter out unwanted terms for accuracy using ‘Negative Keyword’ option), but also include reply templates for targeted users. The replies can be in various forms and randomly picked to be delivered. Here’s the overview:

After you hit ‘Run Campaign’, a display box will show up consisting the people who tweeted the keywords. Hover your mouse over the image thumbnail, the word ‘Reply’ appears; click at it will send out your reply template.

Wait! Didn’t we just go through the discussion last 2 weeks about automated status updates and how much we despise auto messaging? Well, good thing is this option is not compulsory. For those who dislike automation, you can reach out by sending manual, real time tweets while flipping through the list of potential audiences. Bear in mind this is a marketing tool, we all have own theories how things should work around social media but in the end, it’s all about ethical marketing that works in long term.

4. Scheduled Tweets
This scheduler is only available for Twitter updates.


While MarketMe Tweet is still working on other network integrations, you can still schedule status updates to Facebook through Selective Twitter Status or Twitter application as shown in the video (Thanks to Tammy):

5. Conversation Thread

The conversation thread keeps track of your recent conversation with selected Twitter user. Just click the ‘Thread Conversation’ button beneath each tweet (in @mentions section) to reveal the thread in ‘Conversation’. For example, if I was to trace my latest conversation with Michelle, I only need to click the thread button and voila! :

6. Follow/ Unfollow Users

Follow – suggesting users to follow based on your keyword campaigns
Unfollow – shows the people who do not follow you back

However, this monitoring feature may requires a long time to load based on your account conditions (number of followers/following etc).

7. Others:

Locations and Languages – to narrow down your results in keyword campaigns and search terms.

Grouping – to tidy up your contacts. In order to group, make sure you are following the user. (Twitter Lists integration is on the way)

Search Flags – to enhance the accuracy to your search terms.

Is MarketMe Tweet the Evolution of Social Management / Marketing Tool ?

Could be. On-going Business competitions and social media time suck challenge marketers to think out of the box. Personally I see great potentials in branding management and keyword campaigns. It’s a relief to see that MarketMe Tweet has resolved a minor conflict with Twitter about branding and maintained the feature as promised.

Overall MarketMe Tweet has started fresh with innovative ideas, but with rooms of improvements. I’m hoping to see more features be added for advanced network engagement: Facebook/LinkedIn and Twitter lists integration, clickable links in tweet (*updated with ver.1.1.4*), spelling check etc. Also, I hope analytical feature be added so users can monitor the effectiveness of chosen brand name, monitor while making adjustments.

Is MarketMe Tweet F.O.C?

MarketMe Tweet is no free application, currently a 1-time fee payment of $39.90 is needed. According to the latest updates, some added features are on the way to existing users (free upgrades). At the same time, MarketMeTweet offers affiliate program to whoever is interested in promoting the application.

Now It’s Up To You…

What do you think about MarketMe Tweet? Could this be a marketing and management tool of your choice? Kindly share your expectations and suggestions in the comments below.


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