Link Love: Have You Thanked Your Angels Lately?

blogger buddies and commenters

This week I feel an urge to do something different. It is only first quarter of 2010 but a lot of changes going on and I have so many people to thank that I hardly get to. I’m writing this with a heart of gratitude, appreciating everyone who has blessed me with consistent support and friendship, regardless which networks we are on.

1. The Commenters

Some of you I get to know quite well, while some we just met for a couple of weeks. Many times I have inspired by your motivations and superb ideas! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you micro-blogging in the comment section, showing me a whole new perspective about a discussed topic. Here are some link loves for these talented bloggers:

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Social Media
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Self Development
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Art & Designs
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Breaking News
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Fun & Leisure
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2. Social Voting Communities

My gratitude goes to these wonderful voting communities for their consistent support & link loves: Blogengage, Bizsugar, MMOSocialNetwork and Twitter friends/supporters who never ceased to help out whenever a new post is shared. I dedicate my thanks to P5o Allied Bloggers and Authority Blogger members for your friendship, uplifting messages that I deeply treasured; selfless recommendations I hardly deserve to receive.

3. Facebook Fan Page Supporters (a.k.a Fans)

I’m so grateful that Social @ Blogging Tracker fan page had passed the 300 mark in March. I owed my thanks to blogger friends who supported the page in the beginning and members who joined with the intention to network and learn from one another. I would love to make this fan page a mutually-beneficial community, where we get to assist one another in network visibility. Starting 1st March I have created some threads that will benefit the supporters by showcasing their newest posts & social profiles. Including Weekly Post Selection and Member of the Month which we’ll be acknowledging our active supporters for their continuous participation. We will be announcing our first Member of the Month soon so do stay tuned!

4. Last but not least… YOU!

Yes, YOU! There are some people who I carved their names in my heart, while some I didn’t get to know what their real names are! The visitors who came and left without leaving your mark, I thank you for visiting. To those who voted but never told me about your gracious act, you are an angel. Thanks to the rejections and obstacles in life, I met some good willed, compassionate people who relentlessly reminding me failure is a part of life that will only make us stronger, smarter. I constantly remind myself to never judge others based on ‘what we think’ how a good-will should be done; but when someone do, never take them for granted. Your kindness will be remembered all through my blogging career.

Thank You, my dearest blogger buddies & supporters, you are my angels. *HUGS*


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