3 Important Things About Facebook ‘Like’ Button

Like’ is dominating our Facebook account today! Apparently the transition has started since yesterday, some said the button was pulled shortly after launched but as of today, a majority of fan pages had undergone the new changes. Facebook wants us to learn more about it but ends up putting more question marks in our heads. We had a heat discussion at the fan page last night about the new feature. Then this morning prior to log in to my Facebook fan page, there I saw the brand new ‘Like’ button sitting comfortably on the landing page:

You know what that means don’t you? Welcome page customization – a redo!

But before that, thought I share with you a couple of things first:

#1 What Exactly is this ‘Like’ Button anyway?

i) A Friendlier Call to Action

To Like a fan page means a connection forms between you and the page:

When you click “Like” on a Page, you are making a connection to that Page. The Page will be displayed in your profile, and in turn, you will be displayed on the Page as a person who likes that Page. The Page will also be able to post content into your News Feed.

There will be no more egoistic phrases such as ‘Be my fan’, but a humble-ish ‘Like my page’. Facebook claims this to be a “light-weight and standard way” to connect with people. This generic term is highly potential to bring you extraordinary results (so much for the wordplay). To some extent I agree with this as we are so used to give thumbs-up (like) to the links and comments of our friends in Facebook. It’s our nature to build relationship and supporting one another as a Facebook enthusiast.

ii) A Connection between Profile to Fan Pages

According to Facebook,

“Connecting to Pages will now be the main way to express yourself on your profile.”

A more accurate, personalized Profile can be created based on your connections with the fan pages. Instead of the previous random Bing search results, now your Likes & Interests are connected with valid links to Community Pages and Fan Pages you participated in. Think about the exposures and support you can give to your favorite fan pages by determining which to be shown publicly, even your own! All in all, Facebook is encouraging info disclosures – the more you’re willing to share, more sociable you can get with fan page suggestions coming your way.

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#2 What Happened to Our Fans Box?

Since yesterday, I have noticed the below transition for my fan page. Facebook has renamed the ‘Fans’ box as ‘(number of) People Like This’. As you can see during the preliminary transition, we cannot access our complete fan list while the ‘Edit’ pencil is not functioning at all. Later, Facebook finalized the transition by removing the ‘Edit’ pencils and retrieve the ‘See All’ feature (thank God!). And just for the record, none of these will affect our interactions with fans – ‘ Send an Update to Fans’ is still working fine till date.

So to clear your doubts about the new terms:

People Like This = (old terms) Your existing Fans;

Friends Like This = People in your friend list (personal account) that fanned this page … opps! I mean, ‘Like’ this Page. This is similar to ‘Common Friends’ in your personal account, which can be a major influence to one’s decision in Liking a page.

Still confused? Wait till you see the Facebook wall on personal account. Noticed the identical ‘Like’ symbols? From now on there will be no ‘Become a Fan’ symbol so you will need to read carefully to distinguish which are fan pages updates. User friendly? Not so much.

#3 Our Fan Status on Fan Pages We ‘Liked’?

Remember the time when we can see ourselves listed among other fans in other fan pages? There is currently no active link for us to access the complete fan list (‘People Like This’). The ‘See All’ option is only visible to fan page admin.

Fortunately, there is a workaround for this thanks to Peggy‘s brilliant suggestion. In case you’re looking for like-minded people to connect in a fan page, here’s how you can access the complete fans list:

    1. Use the  Facebook ‘Search’ box and key in the page you’d like to check on the list.  For example, I’m looking for fans list for Social Media Examiner. Click as indicated to display the results:

    2. Look for the targeted fan page and you will see the Fans link is still active here. Click it to bring up the fans list dialog box.

Like Button to Go Global?

It is predicted that Like button will be used outside Facebook to encourage info-sharing and data collection for developers. There goes another contender for Digg and Twitter, but how is it any different from Facebook ‘ Share’ button? Users behavior can be tracked even outside Facebook with Like – now that’s a valuable asset. One thing for sure, Facebook is evolving fast preparing itself to a much bigger picture. Just how serious this ‘ Like’ button can get, we’ll leave that to time and upcoming Facebook announcement soon. In the mean time, would you be kind enough to Like my page? 🙂

Now Is Your Turn…

How do you plan to adapt your networking goals with this new implementation? Are there any pros and cons you would like to point out? Fire away.

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