Tweet Branding, Scheduling and Reply Campaigns with MarketMe Tweet V2

Remember 7 Features to Brand, Market, Manage with MarketMe Tweet? Yup, it’s back again with an updated version MarketMe Tweet V2.0! For those who are hearing it for the first time, it’s a Twitter client equips with branding and marketing features. I’m no marketer but its ‘branding’ ability captivates me since their free app Tweetbrand (was recently pulled to focus on their main product). Imagine if you’re a business promoter, you will do whatever it takes to get your brand out there, reaching out to potential clients as much as you possibly can. MarketMe Tweet is specially designed for the job, see how it’s placing a blog link below my tweet:

I must admit, at first I was a little skeptic about who would actually look at that tiny spot for a web link? Until some of my followers starting to ask how did I place a link to my blog in each tweet, I realized this application has a good chance even for a freelancer like myself!

Of course, it’s not fair to limit MarketMe Tweet capabilities based on my personal preference. Here are other basic features you should know about:

So after using V1 for awhile, I had to find out what are the updated features in the new release. Despite of what has been said in the video, I need to personally try it out to confirm the reliability. Kindly be reminded that this review is based on my personal opinion only and has nothing to do with MarketMe Tweet sponsorship whatsoever. So here goes:

#1  Manageable Interface

I have long hoped for a new interface since I’m a big fan of Tweetdeck and Hootsuite. I can’t be happier with the new columnized interface, a lot easier to view conversations and follow up on Twitter lists. Now we can position, rename, add lists and reload the panes as how we work on any other web/desktop clients!


There were times earlier when MarketMe Tweet was unable to retrieve updates – pane returns with ‘No Results’. After referring to their support team I was told that Twitter itself has issues refreshing API limits on certain accounts as explained in this post.

#2  Tweet Branding

Still by far, my personal favorite of the app! This is particularly useful if you are handling multiple Twitter profiles – MarketMe Tweet saves you the trouble to log in and out of the account but manages everything inside the client! You can add multiple brandings for different campaigns or business accounts. The setup is quite simple as indicated in the video (or you can request for a step by step write up and I’ll get it done just for you):

Video tutorial to setup a new brand with MarketMe Tweet:

(Source: by Tammy from MarketMe Tweet)

#3  Tweet Scheduling & Bulk Import

Another improved feature that made my day. It has a sleek sliding panel to schedule tweet (with branding), and drop down boxes make sorting easy (today, week, month, year and beyond). It is convenient to check and modify scheduled tweets, even integrate it with your Google Calender:

A new feature by MarketMe Tweet to import tweets (drafts) and schedule them in bulk. For example, you have saved some interesting links in your notepad, instead of scheduling them one by one you can do it in one-go: place %T% in front, and %D% at the back of your tweet, following date and time (24 hours clock format):

Format: %T% Your Message and Link %D% Date Time

Example: %T% 9 Ways to Enhance Your FB Page %D% 01/08/2010 22:10:00

Another method is set the intervals between your bulk tweets (tick ‘Use Override Interval’ to set the minutes):

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#4  Geo-tagging for Reply Campaigns

Another important feature offered by Marketme Tweet is to setup reply campaigns for targeted individuals. The app makes it easy to find relevant people based on your location, keywords, following by an opportunity to network. Especially when people are expressing interests about your product, your immediate respond via reply templates can earn you firsthand connections when attending to their needs. It’s optional to set the reply templates though, but in case you do, make sure to personalize it well to not spoil your first image.

Marketme Tweet is now using geo-tagging to filter results so you can discover local clients in targeted area.

#5  Contact Management

i)  Auto-Follow Option

If you are eager to connect with followers, MarketMe Tweet provides an easy option to reciprocal by ‘Follow Users Back’.

In additional, you can opt in to receive daily @Mentions Emails for the latest results:

ii)  Follow Users based on keywords

You can bulk or selectively follow users based on reply campaigns keywords.

iii)  Unfollow Users who are not Following You

To bulk unfollow or do it selectively.

#6  Social Accounts Integration

Facebook profile integration is now available in MarketMe Tweet. You can post status updates, comment and like your friends’ updates within the client itself. It supports multiple Facebook accounts so if you are managing facebook profiles for your clients, you can inter-switch between them. I am having difficulty to retrieve my facebook page and just submitted a support ticket for it. Will update the results when it’s fixed.

Some of you may wonder about LinkedIn integration, that is do-able with All you need is to copy your API Key and insert it here: Settings >

Your configuration controls the number of social accounts that get to update from MarketMe Tweet. Here I only plan to update my LinkedIn status, so click ‘Send All’ to reveal the box, make sure ‘use’ is ticked before ‘Send’:

#7  Auto RSS Feed

It’s thrilling to see MarketMe Tweet is now providing feed management for users. Now you can import your favorite blogs’ RSS feed (or your own) and tweet them either way: automatically or manually via RT to credit the author.

According to MarketMe Tweet Support, if user chose to ‘Automatically Tweet the feed’ their brand won’t be visible. This is due to Twitter rules and kindly refer here for detailed explanations. Currently, the brand works brilliantly but I’m still having slight issues with the RT prefix of original author. Will continue to look into this.

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Overall, I am quite impressed with MarketMe Tweet V2. It’s obvious how much this app has improved and I can see why. I have been communicating with their support team after trying out the app and so far they are fast to respond and most of all, willing to accept customers’ feedback. MarketMe Tweet is still actively updating its service. Although there are still rooms for improvement but let’s not forget it’s a marketing tool fundamentally.

Its upcoming updates including Blog integration (wonder if it’s something similar to Hootsuite?), Plugins, Enhancement for Facebook integration so forth. At the same time waiting for minor fixes to make the app more user friendly and presentable. For further improvement, I would suggest to add:

  • Spelling check
  • Filter Search within pane
  • Ability to post images or files (documents) in future enhancements

Not bad to strive towards social aggregator, don’t you think?

How do I Get MarketMe Tweet V2?

MarketMeTweet is not free. Currently the lowest price is $99/year (free updates, 6 month money back guarantee) with limited time offer. Kindly look for Pricing & Plan here. At the same time, MarketMeTweet offers affiliate program too, check it out if you’re interested.

Have you been using MarketMe Tweet V2? What do you think of the app and if you yet to try it, what do you think of it so far?

Note: MarketMe Tweet has changed its name to MarketMeSuite to fit its ultimate purpose as a social media management/marketing tool and not limiting to just Twitter only, but Facebook, Google Calender, and more.

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