5 Best Social Media Campaigns Aimed at Mobile Users

Marketing and social media go hand-in-hand when companies come up with unique ways to grab their audience’s attention. And, considering mobile users are growing at a rapid pace, the faster companies jump on the mobile marketing bandwagon the better.

So, what are some of the best social media campaigns that are specifically targeted at mobile users?

5 best social media campaigns for mobile users

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#1 Starwood Hotels and Foursquare

When social media and mobile campaigns combine to offer on-the-go user deals on hotels, wonderful things happen. Such is the case when Starwood Hotels and its Sheraton, W Hotels, Westin, and St. Regis chains joined Foursquare to offer preferred guest rewards.

By simply checking into the Starwood Preferred Guest Foursquare page, guests receive 250 bonus points that go toward their next stay at any Starwood Hotel. And, with 3,000 points equaling a free night’s stay at more than 1,000 hotels worldwide, this is the perfect example of an effective mobile social media campaign.

#2 MTV and Twitter

The MTV Video Music Awards has adopted Twitter to gain audience viewership in their annual awards show. With Twitter Tracker, fans and viewers alike are able to track various artists and guest presenters throughout the show’s duration.

Likewise, with an innovative technique completely different to MTV, by tweeting “hotseat,” viewers can see a virtual seating chart of the auditorium giving them the ability to know where their favorite artists are sitting and who they’re sitting with.

#3 Heinz and Facebook

When the Heinz Corporation wanted to expand their popularity beyond their ever-present ketchup brand, it turned to Facebook mobile. With the “My Grown Up Beanz” game, Heinz grabbed the attention of BlackBerry 10 and other smart phone users by asking them their personality traits when compared to beans.

In terms of a viral boost, the campaign generated 22,000 quiz participants and 30,000 new Facebook fan page followers. Although the campaign ran for only two weeks, Heinz got plenty of attention for its new line of Five Beanz products.

#4 Honda and Pinterest

When Honda decided that it needed to increase the awareness of its Pinterest account, it set up a personal #Pintermission page that encouraged the site’s top pinning accounts to take a 24-hour break from their pages to pin things specific to the Honda brand.

In order to keep tabs on the Pin-break, Honda asked the Pinterest heavyweights to share photos of their mini-vacation via Pinterest’s mobile site. The participants that agreed were given $500 each and Honda saw a significant increase in Pinterest followers.

#5 McDonald’s and Instagram

When fast food empire McDonald’s wanted to gain a better social media presence on a mobile level, the company came up with the ingenious idea of joining Instagram to tailor specifically to its audience’s visual appetites.

McDonald’s encouraged fans of its restaurants to take pictures of their favorite items on the menu and post them on Instagram. In return, the people who posted pictures received mobile coupons for free Big Macs ­– now that’s a delicious deal.

Whether it’s hotel reward points or free burgers, social media campaigns that go the mobile route are a win-win for everyone involved.

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