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I’m a social media addict & enthusiastic blogger. Determined to dissect the ideas & apps related to social networking, and present them with illustrations & easy How-To’s. No, I’m no expert. It’s the passion, strong will and massive curiosity that brought me here today. I’m also a:

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What else can we know about you?

I am currently a freelancer for writing and Facebook Page Customizations. Most of the illustrations found within posts are self-customized and I enjoy originality. I have been putting my main focus in Facebook recently, loving the challenge in discovering ways to maximize its use for branding while assisting clients to enhance their business pages. Feel free to check out some of the client work I did. If you are interested in hiring me or looking for collaboration in projects, I’m always happy to discuss. Kindly email me and perhaps we’ll work something out.

In my free time, I enjoy a little acoustic guitar and music. You can subscribe to my Personal Timeline too:

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About This Site~


My sharing portal of detailed summaries & comprehensive instructions (with illustrations for the apps & problem-solving methods relating to Social Media (yes, including Blogging too). Hopefully these Dummy-type postings would assist you in getting the most out of your little time spent on this blog, while enhancing your networking/blogging experience.

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Is this blog only for Beginners?

It’s for EVERYONE who’s into social media tips and tricks. While Mashable is the trendy news station, I’ll be sharing in depth explanations on social media integrations and how to optimize its use to expand your network.

Besides Twitter & Facebook, more Social Media Apps soon?

Definitely. I’ll be covering the most-discussed social media apps. However, if you’re in a hurry to know more about other social media app, free to drop me an email and I’ll speed up my posting on them.

In Case You’re Wondering…

Yes, this blog was once a personal blog but not anymore since 14 March 2009. Rest assured you’ll be seeing a lot more unique and original writings from this blog. Stay tuned, nudge me anytime for anything related to Social Media/Blogging. Or better, let’s connect: